2016 Perth Hockey Tour Barcelona

Perth Hockey visited us again with 4 teams of a very good level. The 60 boys and girls aged 16 played a total of 3 matches each team. Rivals were Egara, Atletic Terrassa and Castelldefels; reference equipment internationally. There were a few workouts in the Atletic club, where a club coach gave keynote sessions to Scottish club.
The boys also enjoyed other activities that Barcelona offers: visit to the Sagrada Familia, visit Camp Nou, variety of traditional meals championship sports on the beach, visit to the city …
I hope next year !!

2014. TakeBall also approaches Hockey to the best

TakeBall and AMsportstour have set up a new experience in the city of Barcelona this summer. Through Perth Hockey School, hockey on grass broke in in Barcelona in late June in order to live a spectacular and unforgettable Tour. Fifty boys and girls, aged 17 and 18 of the Scottish Club, enjoyed the best of Barcelona for two weeks, as well as competing in three friendly matches against historical entities in this sport, as The Egara, The Terrassa Athletic and The Polo.

The three teams of the Perth -one male, one female and a mixed one- could experience what it means to play against popular Catalan clubs, and could enjoy all the offer of one of the great fashionable capitals around the world. The 44 players belonging to Perth Hockey School and 6 technicians carried out several sessions with national coaches in excellent facilities during all concentration, always combining work in the field with a sports diet.

Obviously, and as usual, there was time to relax and to learn about the benefits of the city. They did not miss the visit to FC Barcelona facilities, where the Group lived the “Camp Nou Experience”. There were photos and combined visits all around Barcelona in a discovered private bus. An attractive novelty presented on this Tour by TakeBall, which let the Scottish Group had a great time. Barcelona’s beaches did the rest, in where they could play volleyball beach, rugby and tennis beach in such an exciting stay. Good atmosphere and great “feeling” between all members of the Scottish expedition, who made their dream reality thanks to the excellent work, effort and planning of TakeBall.