2014. Takeball, recruiting young future promises of Spanish Football

Takeball makes a step forward and grows regarding both, its implication with football school of the youngest categories, and their education. Recruiting young future promises is going to be our priority and a new mean of work. Takeball initiates an exciting project which will take place in all of the football fields we visit where youth teams are developed.

We will begin an ambitious program of detecting young promises. The objective is to capture interesting promises which show abilities with the ball and offer them an optional formation accessible to few people: practicing their favourite sport with the better conditions at the same time they are studying in some of the most important colleges in United States. Future stars captured by Takeball will be granted by colleges in the U.S. which will be delighted to count with football players with high potential. A unique opportunity for those who are initiating their sport career and are willing to combine their traineeship with one of the best education of the World, meanwhile they are learning another language. New and unique experiences for the youngest, which Takeball makes accessible for the best ones.